The Early Learning Center of Aspen
is a community driven environment devoted to four core values: purpose, professionalism, partnership and play.



Nurture the whole child to reach their fullest potential during their first year of physical, social, emotional, and academic learning and growth.


Provide exceptional education and care using the latest standard of teaching, learning, quality, training, operational excellence, and safety.


Connect to and work together with children, parents, caregivers, teachers, and the community to enhance the experience of each individual child.


Develop curiosity, problem solving, initiative, awareness, focused attention and persistence through playful activities inside and outside of the classroom.


Our Programs

From birth through kindergarten, we focus on meeting the child’s specific developmental needs. Our curriculum focuses on each area of development through play-based discovery and a warm nurturing environment.


Infant (0-18 months)

The focus of our infant care program is secure attachment, physical development and emerging literacy and math skills. Our ratio is one teacher to four infants.

Toddler (12-36 months)

Toddler classroom environments are designed to have fun-filled activities that educate about the world while also focusing on social and emotional development. Our ratio varies from one to five children or one teacher to six children depending on the age of the students in the classroom.

Preschool (2.5-4 years)

Students develop a love for learning, social and emotional skills and tools needed to succeed in a classroom setting. Preschool has a ratio of one teacher to eight children.

PreK (4-6 years)

Kindergarten readiness is PreK’s focus. This is achieved through discovery-based learning, cooking lessons, science experiments, epic field trips, friendship skill-building, and emerging literacy and math skills. Each year we hold a fun-filled learning summer camp for students preparing to depart for Kindergarten.


Beyond the Classroom

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Extra-Curricular Adventures

Getting our classes out and about is key in fulfilling our values. We run an ambitious field trip program and are proud of the variety of community experiences made available to every age.

Play is the highest form of research
— Albert Einstein

Our Sponsors

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