The Early Learning Center is one of the only school’s in the upper Roaring Fork Valley to provide care for children from infancy through Pre-K and there is generally always a waitlist for admittance into the school.

Waitlist Procedure

We ask all prospective families to fill out the waitlist application to be added to our waitlist for potential enrollment. Priority is given to current families, alumni families whose children graduated from our PreK classroom, and teachers children for open enrollment spaces. As spaces open we call down our waitlist to offer the available space.

At the Early Learning Center, the continuum of care is one of our top priorities for our students, families, and teachers. We ask that families get to know our schools' values, mission, and philosophy before enrolling to make sure that we are a long term and good fit for your families needs. We do not offer seasonal care for classrooms with a waitlist.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process of the waitlist?

The first step is to email your waitlist application to waitlist@earlylearningaspen.com. Your name will be placed on the waitlist by first date of contact via the email. You will only be added via email, phone calls and drop ins do not get you added onto the waitlist. When an enrollment space opens up at the Early Learning Center the administration will contact people calling from the earliest date of contact down. Families will have 48 hours to respond, and then the staff will contact the next family. At this point a tour of the facility will be scheduled, and you will receive the family handbook and enrollment information.

How do enrollment openings work at the early learning center?

At the start of each school year we have anywhere from 8-16 infant openings. In the spring we call down the waitlist to fill these spaces, starting with priority families and then moving down. Mid-year enrollment for infant care is rare. As our currently enrolled children grow into our toddler and preschool programs one or two enrollment openings will come up a year and we will call down the waitlist for children who are the appropriate age for the classroom with an opening. We offer care for two to five days a week, Monday through Friday.

if i pass up an offered enrollment space will i be GUARANTEED one later?

We can only guarantee the spot that is currently being offered. If you choose to pass up on an enrollment spot there is not a guarantee that a space will open up again for your child.

How often should I be in touch?

Please contact the Early Learning Center at waitlist@earlylearningaspen.com each May that you continue to be on the waitlist to let us know that you are still interested in enrollment.

Are there priority families at the early learning center?

Currently enrolled families, teacher’s, and alumni (families whose children graduated from our PreK program) have priority for enrollment spaces at the Early Learning Center.

Does it help if i know someone who works at the early learning center or families currently enrolled?

We are very grateful for families recommending our program, but for enrollment purposes and being a school that offers high quality early childhood education for all families of the Roaring Fork Valley we do not offer priority for families who are friends of or family of current families or teachers at the Early Learning Center.

Does the Early learning Center offer seasonal care?

For our programs that have a waitlist we do not offer seasonal care at the Early Learning Center. For our classrooms without a waitlist we will offer seasonal care. In the summer we will have enrollment spaces open for our PreK summer camp. The availability for this will be known in March.


If you have further questions please email us

I believe that investing in our children’s
development from the earliest age is the single most
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— Jay Weatherill

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