The Early Learning Center

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Our daughter, Suki, started at the ELC when she was just 3 months old. Much of our 'new parent' anxiety was eased with the welcoming and safe environment we found there. Over the last 3 1/2 years we've been so happy with the quality and consistency of the care and education. She has experienced a wide range of activities and adventures, more than we could have provided on our own. We've also felt very lucky to have all the added support through life's little challenges like potty training. She, and we, now have a large group of friends in the community that are making our journey that much richer. ~ Lincoln & Caty Manuel

As a new mom, I found it very difficult to put my 3-month old in daycare and have complete strangers take care of my son. However, my feelings quickly changed as soon as I saw how my son was so well-cared for.  He truly LOVES day care! It is obvious that he is loved by his teachers and it is amazing to see him interact and grow with the other kids his age.  All in all, my son has flourished under the care at the ELC.  ~ Amy Scher

When our first child was born, we hired in-home help while we worked two very busy jobs.  After trying two separate individuals unsuccessfully, we were lucky enough to become a part of the Early Learning Center, we have never looked back.  The ELC has been like a second family to us and our two children over the last four years.  They provide a safe, loving, fun and interactive environment that goes way beyond basic care and encourages children to explore and grow.  Our son and daughter go to Aces, Zumba, gymnastics, ski-school, swim lessons, soccer, ice-skating and ski-school in addition to countless fieldtrips and special activities around town; they always sleep well after a day at school.   The ELC challenges parents to stay actively involved through daily emails and photos and invitations to participate in activities and take-home projects, reading programs etc.  They have been so helpful in reinforcing good behavior and social skills with our kids.  We have met some of our closest friends amongst fellow children and parents.  All of the teachers and employees at ELC know our family members by name and are always friendly and professional.  They regularly go out of their way to communicate and accommodate, from balancing an ever-changing schedule with my job, to extra communication with infant feedings and potty training, etc.  It has been so nice to have both of our children in the same school and even have a few of the same teachers throughout the years.  We feel very comfortable and embraced within the ELC community and we really don’t know how we would have survived the last four years without them.    ~ Monique Spears 

I feel so blessed that we have such a wonderful program like ELC in our community. My son is always learning in ways that continue to surprise me. Thank you to all the wonderful people that help make this program what it is. ~ Lisa Wilson